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Raising the walls in HOTBLOK System is the easiest possible way of the workmanship of building objects. The fundamental advantage of HOTBLOK System is a fantastic thermal insulation power factor, U=0,15 W/m²K, which is enough for the building of energy-saving houses, and even passive houses. HOTBLOK System combines all expected features that are usually mutually exclusive i.e. insulation with resistance, water vapour permeability with freeze and water resistance, sound absorption with fire resistance. It is an unusual combination of parameters in today building engineering, especially in case of raising single-leaf walls.



Building in HOTBLOK System is one of the easiest and fastest methods of wall raising. Owing to the lowest insulation power factor, U=0,15 W/m²K, walls constructed in HOTBLOK technique do not require insulation, thanks to which the time of building the house is much shorter. Due to optimally chosen size and weight of a single element, bricklaying is very fast (1 m² of wall – only 6,9 elements). Blocks have comfortable handles that make transport and putting elements in the wall easy, and “tongue-groove” system eliminates the necessity of using mortar in vertical welding. Complementary elements of HOTBLOK System – half, corner, angular and jamb blocks as well as ready lintels and insulation elements of ceilings make investment realisation much faster without the necessity of using technological breaks.



Thanks to unique solutions, a house built in HOTBLOK System is characterised by extreme heat saving. Light expanded clay aggregate (LECA), which is made of specially selected clay, is a traditional, healthy and natural material used in building engineering for many years. Wall insulation, not exceeding 0,15 W/m²K, enables the construction of an energy-saving building. With regard to a considerable limit of heat amount required for its heating, the quantity of the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is reduced.



Thanks to the insulation power factor, U=0,15 W/m²K, a house built in HOTBLOK System will allow you to save measurable sums of money designed for its heating during exploitation, which is of great importance in forecast further increase of energy prices. System solutions allow you to limit heat losses to minimum. Thanks to this combination of parameters, uncommon in today building engineering, especially in case of single-leaf walls, a house built in HOTBLOK System will be comfortably warm, breathing, durable and healthy.



Using HOTBLOK System considerably reduces building costs. HOTBLOK is a complete system for raising single-leaf walls that do not require additional insulation. Very high insulation power, at the level of U=0,15 W/m²K, enables building of a low-energy house at lower prices than technologies of two-layer walls that are now used and that can reach similar parameters. Using HOTBLOK System visibly reduces labour and material costs.

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